David Benjamin Sherry 
Fuchsia Future Bismuth Boiled Puce Poised California Coral Sand Stone, Traditional Color Photograph, 60 x 50 inches
Ian Law
Olivier Theyskens by Nan Goldin
for V magazine
Christopher Hanlon Rubber Plant oil on linen stretched over board, 60×50.3cm 2014
Nasreen Mohamedi
Ink on diary page, entry dated March 1981
Robert Filliou

Optimistic Box N°1, 1968

Object, 11 x 11 x 11 cm.

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. M00006).
Other works and editions that afford an enlightening peek into a world structured by such an anarchic sense of humor are the so-called “Optimistic Boxes”, the first of which, from the fabled year 1968, contains a pavement stone: an inscription on the outside of Optimistic Box Nr. 1 (1968) reads “thank God for modern weapons”, countered by an inscription that states “we don’t throw stones at each other anymore” – yet the paving stone was effectively that year’s most popular weapon. Optimistic Box n°2 from 1969 contains Filliou’s scathing view of modern marriage; yet another, later work, A More Curious Invention of the Gaga Yogi (1976) consists of a box containing hundreds of thumbnails inside, and sporting one lonely, hammered nail outside. Optimistic Box N°3 “So much the better if you can’t play chess” on the outside and “You won’t imitate Marcel Duchamp” on the inside. Optimistic Box N° 4 and 5 is one object, it is about the overall importance of money. The object is a pink piggy bank, on the one side is written “one thing I learned since I was born” on the other side : “that I must die since I was born”.
Geta Brătescu
The Rule of the Circle, The Rule of the Game (1985)
Collage on paper

Untitled Study for Georges Bataille’s Histoire de l’oeil by Hans Bellmer, 1946
 Dusty Griffith.
John Baldessari