George Kah & Kyle Forde shot by Andrea Spotorno for Double Magazine #27

It’s funny you should use that phrase, that’s a significant one: the in-between. You know, you like to feel that what you do is filling a need, and if you’re not dealing with the in-betweens, nobody really needs you because anybody can really do that. I heard a lecture by an instrumentalist who said that it’s not what you play on the notes, it’s what you do in the silences. I always remembered that. It’s the in between that counts.
Radley Metzger
Naked (Mike Leigh, 1993)

Isamu Noguchi, Head of Christ, costume element for Martha Graham Company’s production of El Penitente, 1944, Fabric, wire, rope, and balsawood 1950s performance copy.
The Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance
Photo by Kevin Noble
Louise Bourgeois (2011, ph. Alex VanGelder)
Saint Raymond of Penafort
La mariée était en noir (1968, dir. François Truffaut)

Lourdes Castro Ombre portée de Jan Voss 1966. Peinture sur plexiglas.